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McGill Lake Wilderness Area

painting by Alice ReedMcGill Lake Wilderness Area protects an outstanding wetland complex with diverse plant communities and scattered forest habitats within the South Mountain Rolling Plain natural landscape in Annapolis County. It features a diverse complex of bog and fen types (ranging from dry bog to wet bog, from moss-shrub bog to treed bog, to fen), and forest communities of maple-oak-birch, and spruce-fir-pine/maple-birch. This diversity reflects variable, generally flat and poorly drained surficial geology of the area, and the effects of fire modification. The 180 hectare site protects landscape elements which are not represented at Cloud Lake Wilderness Area or other protected areas.

The McGill Lake Wilderness Area is located within the Shannon Lake-Upsim Lake wilderness recreation corridor. Lakeshore access facilities in this corridor are provided by the Municipality of Annapolis County at Shannon River Canoe Access Park.