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Denis Lakes Wilderness Area

Denis Lakes This is a small and easily accessible wilderness patch in the interior of the Eastern Shore.

The Denis Lakes area includes a dozen small lakes and ponds connected by short canoeable streams and still-waters. Its ridged and rocky appearance is reminiscent of the iconic wilderness of the Canadian Shield. It is within a zone that is characterized as Eastern Shore rain forest, with tall white pines scattered among tracts of red and black spruce. The area provides habitat for black bear and endangered mainland moose; and is a remnant of intact, mature forest within the heavily harvested woodlands in and around Liscomb Game Sanctuary.

The easy access and interconnected system of small lakes and streams offer excellent opportunities for wilderness canoeing, angling, and camping trips. The area is easily accessed off the north side of Mosher Lake Road, which is unaffected by the wilderness area designation.

This area is part of Liscomb Game Sanctuary, which limits hunting to muzzleloader, bow or crossbow.