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Bonnet Lake Barrens Wilderness Area

painting by Alice ReedBonnet Lake Barrens Wilderness Area is a scenic, near-coastal wilderness dominated by rugged, often wind-swept granite barrens, semi-barrens and coastal spruce-fir forest. Ancient bedrock faulting and the effects of glaciation define the overall character and mosaic of the landscape.

This wilderness area includes large, ecologically sensitive raised bogs; rare plants; and an array of lakes and waterways, including ponds, still-waters and streams. Bonnet Lake contains unique, crescent shaped beaches, originally formed from glacial debris. Climate is tempered by the adjacent Atlantic, which moderates summer temperatures and can create moody, foggy conditions.

Situated in the heart of the Canso Peninsula, this wilderness area provides for unique hiking and nature exploration along old footpaths and cart tracks that once joined coastal communities.