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Alder Ground Wilderness Area

painting by Alice ReedAlder Ground Wilderness Area straddles and borders part of Liscomb River, in Guysborough County, between Hunting and Island lakes. As of 2015, it includes Melopseketch Lake and adjacent woodlands, expanding the wilderness area from 754 to 1,243 hectares.

This wilderness area protects a unique concentration of wetland and riparian habitats along Liscomb River, together with adjacent woodlands. An outstanding variety of fen and bog types border deep, slow-moving still-waters. These wetland types are easily distinguished from one another by their physical forms and distinct plant communities. The fen ecosystems are one of the most striking features of the Alder Ground, because they occupy extensive tracts along the river, and form the only vegetative communities on some of the floodplain-like islands.

With the expansion at Melopseketch Lake, the wilderness area now connects with the hardwood forests and lakes of Boggy Lake Wilderness Area, to the south. This connection will support movement of species across the landscape, such as black bear and the endangered mainland moose.

Alder Ground Wilderness Area offers high quality wilderness recreation opportunities for canoers, kayakers and anglers, who can explore the lakes, islands and still-water channels of this part of Liscomb River, or perhaps the traditional canoe route connection to Boggy Lake Wilderness Area, via Melopseketch Lake.

Melopseketch Lake is accessible via a short walking/portage trail off Liscomb River Road. This trunk Crown forest access road provides vehicle access to Alder Ground, Boggy Lake and other nearby wilderness areas.

Most of Alder Ground Wilderness Area is part of the larger Liscomb River system, which has long been enjoyed by outdoor adventurers. The river, as a whole, offers a variety of wilderness experiences, and contains some of the province's best white-water river opportunities. Other portions of the river are protected within Liscomb River Wilderness Area.

The southwestern half of Alder Ground Wilderness Area overlaps with Liscomb Game Sanctuary, which limits hunting to muzzleloader, bow or crossbow.