12 Percent - Parks and Protected Areas System Plan Consultation

West Dover Provincial Park*




979.59 ha





Location NS Atlas

67  V 5 and W 5 and 75  V 1 and W 1

Managed As

Core Park

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Large natural area in midst of Peggys Cove Preservation Area containing significant natural values. Inclusion of off-shore islands will enhance the park’s protection values

Protection Values

Includes extensive coastline and outstanding coastal barrens and lakes.  Overlaps with Peggys Cove Preservation Area.  One species of bird found at this park is listed as imperiled and two other species as vulnerable to extirpation or extinction.  A portion of the property (137 hectares +/-) was identified as a Site of Ecological Significance under the International Biological Program.  The 1974 report noted, in part, that the Site contained excellent illustrations of wind influence on vegetation (krummholz), it was of geomorphological interest and the roches moutonees and perched erratics found here are equaled in few places, and are rarely found so far south of the arctic.  Landscape has great scenic value.

Education Values

Cultural and ecological significance.

Tourism Values

Part of the Peggys Cove experience

Outdoor Recreation Values

Hiking, viewing

Annual Visitation


Other Site Considerations