12 Percent - Parks and Protected Areas System Plan Consultation

Trout Brook Provincial Park




8.58 Hectares


Outdoor Recreation


Undesignated; Operational

Location NS Atlas

12 Y 3

Managed As

Supporting Park

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A beautiful sand beach on Lake Ainslie. Inland portion (east of Highway 395) has significant conservation values and is  proposed to be transferred to NS Environment for management through Protected Areas program.

Protection Values

Land base largely undeveloped; protects important trout stream (scheduled river); on Lake Ainslie which is part of the Margaree – Lake Ainslie Canadian Heritage River system; adjoins with, and provides access to, the Trout Brook Wilderness Area; abuts Trout Brook IBP Site of Ecological Significance

Education Values

Opportunities to interpret Lake Ainslie, wildlife habitat; Margaree – Lake Ainslie Canadian Heritage River system

Tourism Values

One of few opportunities to access Lake Ainslie; part of Margaree – Lake Ainslie Canadian Heritage River system; well used; serves primarily local area

Outdoor Recreation Values

Beach access; potential trail access to Trout Brook Wilderness Area, fishing

Other Site Considerations

Common occurrences of Swimmers itch, significant trout nursery area, regulated no fishing in upstream area; vandalism – signs, tables continuously burned on beach; issue with mapping – possible conflict with other Crown mapping; property adjoins very popular private campgrounds; property requires improvement