12 Percent - Parks and Protected Areas System Plan Consultation

Thomas Raddall Provincial Park




614.98 ha


Natural Environment


Designated; Operational

Location N.S. Atlas:

84 W4

Managed As

Core Park

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Established to protect a unique variety of natural and cultural history features, this spectacular coastal park offers a range of opportunities for camping, swimming, picnicking and exploring.

82 campsites, open for camping from May to October

Protection Values

Thomas Raddall Park represents moderately to well 4 of 17 ecosections types characteristics of the South Shore Ecodistrict.  The park contributes to the Province’s goal of protecting 12% of its landbase by 2015.  One non-vascular plant species found within the park has been classed as being imperiled.  In addition, one species of reptile/amphibian is listed as imperiled and one as vulnerable to extirpation or extinction.  Several aboriginal archaeological sites are found in the park.

Education Values

Provincially and regionally significant opportunity to interpret many themes including landscape development, coastal and terrestrial habitats, adjacent National Wildlife Management Area and Adjunct National Park, pre-contact native sites, 19th century inshore fishery.  This park has been identified as a significant location for the delivery of aboriginal cultural interpretation programs.

Tourism Values

Regionally significant park opportunity with high quality beach and supporting facilities and services; sand castle competition.

Outdoor Recreation Values

Camping, swimming, picnicking, hiking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing

Annual Visitation

8698 Campers; Day-use unknown

Annual Revenue

2010: $82,369

Operating Cost

2010: $290,877

Site Considerations

Family cemetery within park; private land inholdings; area used for research by a number of education institutions and science organizations.