12 Percent - Parks and Protected Areas System Plan Consultation

Smileys Provincial Park




43.16 Ha


Outdoor Recreation


Designated; Operational 

Location N.S. Atlas:

48  V5

Managed As

Supporting Park

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A popular camping and day-use park in a secluded setting along the Meander River.

80 campsites, open for camping from June to September

Protection Values

Although consisting of a relatively small landbase this park protects rare flora and climax forest stands (Yellow Birch and Hemlock).  One species of vascular plant found within the park is critically imperiled, three are imperiled and one is vulnerable to extirpation or extinction.  In addition, one non-vascular plant species is listed as being imperiled.

Education Values

Provincially and regionally significant; opportunity to interpret floodplain flora and Karst topography.

Tourism Values

Regionally and locally significant; centrally located in a secluded setting near a 100 series travel route.

Outdoor Recreation Values

Camping, frontcountry hiking, walking, picnicking, limited opportunities for swimming and fishing, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in winter, number of local community events.

Annual Visitation

3000 camper nights

Day-Use: 300 – 400 Users (Up to 800 during events)

Annual Revenue

2010: $65,984

Operating Cost

2010: $204,618

Other Site Considerations

Portion of park occupies flood plain.

The exotic invasive tree, Norway Maple, requires removal