12 Percent - Parks and Protected Areas System Plan Consultation

Sand Hills Beach Provicial Park




94.61 Ha


Outdoor Recreation


Designated; Operational

Location N.S. Atlas:

86  Z 5

Managed As

Supporting Park

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Large, warm-water beach and picnic park on Barrington Bay

Protection Values

Regionally significant protection values; site of ecological significance (dune field); historic features; much of park undeveloped.  One, and possibly two, species of vascular plant found within the park is listed as being critically imperiled and one species of bird.  One species of bird is listed as imperiled and two species of vascular plants and two species of birds were listed is vulnerable to extirpation or extinction.

Education Values

Regionally significant opportunities to interpret coastal processes, unique features and historic values

Tourism Values

Regionally significant; one of few high quality warm water beaches in Southwestern Nova Scotia; on Lighthouse Route; offers beach access, picnicking, walking

Outdoor Recreation Values

Beach access, swimming, picnicking, bird watching

Annual Visitation


Operating Cost


Other Site Considerations

Susceptible to coastal processes (storm events with high tide surge or wind driven waves) that cause site erosion