12 Percent - Parks and Protected Areas System Plan Consultation

Sackville Lakes Provincial Park




283.28 hectares


Natural Environment


Undesignated; Operational (Man.Agreement)

Location N.S. Atlas

58 Y5

Managed As

Supprting Park

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An attractive forest setting in a near-urban environment offering hiking and lake access

Protection Values

Areas of ecological value include stands of near-old growth forest, several wetlands and several drumlins; includes extensive lake frontage; the property includes cultural heritage values including early homestead sites

Education Values

The property provides opportunities for outdoor education and interpretation of a relatively natural site in an urban setting

Tourism Values

No significant values identified

Outdoor Recreation

Hiking, walking, canoe/kayak, lake access

Annual Visitation


Operating Cost

Other Site Considerations

Trails within the park are being developed and managed by a local community group


When designated under the Parks Act the name will change to “Sackville Lakes”