12 Percent - Parks and Protected Areas System Plan Consultation

Owls Head Provincial Park




267.62 Hectares





Location NS Atlas

69 W 1

Managed As

Supporting Park

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Portion of property containing Camp Aitebreagh transferred to N.S. Department of Community Services in 2009.  Mine shaft on site.

Protection Values

A variety of coastal barrens and wetlands; exceptional bedrock-ridged topography; a significant sand beach which is partially on Crown but mostly on private; piping plover have nested here; property was assigned to parks program as part of the Province’s commitment to develop the Eastern Shore Seaside Park System; identified by the Nova Scotia Department of Environment as lands (Patch # 304) that could contribute to the Province’s goal of protecting 12% of the land base by 2015.

Education Values

Provides opportunities for regionally significant interpretive themes, including coast processes, and coastal habitat.

Tourism Values

Outdoor recreation opportunities (kayaking)

Outdoor Recreation Values

Hiking, beach access

Other Site Considerations

Surrounded by private land

No road into main body (parcel borders on road access to the west)