12 Percent - Parks and Protected Areas System Plan Consultation

Mira River Provincial Park


Cape Breton


87.49 Hectares


Outdoor Recreation


Designated; Operational

Location NS Atlas

14 Z 5

Managed As

Core Park

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A popular camping and day-use park on the Mira River near Sydney and the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site. The park was recently redeveloped.

173 campsites, open for camping from June to September.

Protection Values

A cemetery owned by a third party is located within the park.

Education Values

Regionally significant opportunities to interpret landscape themes and cultural history; Brickyard Point supplied bricks for the construction of the Fortress of Louisbourg; amateur astronomy observatory onsite; identified as a significant location for the delivery of aboriginal cultural interpretation programs.

Tourism Values

Regionally significant opportunity adjacent to Sydney, a Provincial Entry Point, National Historic Site at Louisbourg, and Gabarus Wilderness Area.  One of the few public access points to Mira River.

Outdoor Recreation Values

In an area of almost exclusively private properties, this park provides one of the few public access points to the Mira River.  Provide opportunities for camping, picnicking, swimming, front-country hiking, walking, boat ramp, fishing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, geocaching.

Annual Revenue

2010: $103,885

Operating Cost

2010: $213,469

Other Site Considerations

Friends of Mira provide a range of visitor activities; cemetery in-holding; powerline easement; some erosion at day-use beach; forest cover contains a large percentage of short lived species, ecological restoration of the forest cover over time is required.