12 Percent - Parks and Protected Areas System Plan Consultation

Mersey River Provincial Park




393.87 Hectares


Natural Environment



Location NS Atlas

79 V 1 and W 1 and 2; X 4

Managed As

Supporting Park

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Includes much of the property bordering the Mersey River and contains important natural and cultural heritage values.

Acquired from Bowater with condition that the lands were to be managed primarily for protection / conservation.

Protection Values

Several small and fragmented stands of Significant Older and Unique Forest; several different types of wetland (bog, fen, deep marsh, seasonally flooded flats); records of endangered and threatened species; potential for other rare or endangered flora and fauna; contains a number of provincially and regionally significant Mersey River Pre-Contact Sites

Education Values

Natural and cultural heritage

Outdoor Recreation Values

River access, fishing

Other Site Considerations

Area prone to flooding