12 Percent - Parks and Protected Areas System Plan Consultation

McNabs & Lawlor Island Provincial Park




484.67 Hectares


Natural Environment


Designated; Non-operational

Location NS Atlas

67 Z 3

Managed As

Core Park

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Nationally and provincially-significant property with important natural and cultural heritage values; outdoor recreation and education opportunities, and has the potential to become a major tourism attraction.

Protection Values

Provincially significant; contributes to the Province’s goal of protecting 12% of its land base by 2015, wide range of natural and cultural heritage features and values; adjacent to metro; historic military elements include Fort Ives, Fort Hugonin, Fort McNab National Historic Site (administered by Parks Canada), Strawberry Battery; several buildings at Fort Ives are listed as significant by the Federal Heritage Building Review Office.  Two species of vascular plants and one species of bird found within the park are listed as critically imperiled.  In addition, two invertebrates were determined to be vulnerable to extirpation or extinction. One of the largest concentrations of nesting osprey and great blue heron in eastern North America.  Lawlor Island contains a former hospital site and small graveyard.

Education Values

Wide range of provincially significant natural and cultural heritage themes; used by schools and organized groups

Tourism Values

Important attraction in midst of major tourism destination area; nationally significant park

Outdoor Recreation Values

Camping, hiking, boating, birdwatching, beach access, bicycling, picnicking

Annual Visitation

Unknown but well used

Other Site Considerations

Approved management plan; partnership with the Friends of McNabs Island