12 Percent - Parks and Protected Areas System Plan Consultation

Long Lake Provincial Park




1,722.01 Hectares


Natural Environment


Designated; Non-operational

Location NS Atlas

67 Y 3

Managed As

Core Park

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Large, relatively natural, landbase with significant conservation values and outdoor recreational opportunities adjoining major urban area.

Protection Values

One imperiled non-vascular plant species and one species of reptile/amphibian found within the park are listed as vulnerable to extirpation or extinction; abuts Terence Bay Wilderness Area; encompasses a range of habitats; contributes to provincial ecological representation goals, contains three cemeteries/burial sites.

Education Values

Locally significant; opportunities for a range of local and regional interpretive themes; potential to provide regional nature study centre; proximity to urban area

Tourism Values

Regionally significant; large land base with potential trail connection to Terence Bay Wilderness Area; will largely serve local and regional population; large freshwater lake.

Outdoor Recreation Values

Backcountry hiking and camping, frontcountry hiking, walking and cycling trails, carry-in boating, fishing

Annual Visitation

Unknown but heavily used

Other Site Considerations

Draft park mangement plan completed