12 Percent - Parks and Protected Areas System Plan Consultation

Indian Fields Provincial Park*




1,498.59 Hectares





Location NS Atlas

78 V 5 and 77 Z 5

Managed As

Core Park

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A large property with significant natural and cultural heritage values and outstanding opportunities for outdoor recreation

Protection Values

Old forests, several rare plants on several lake shores.  Identified by the Nova Scotia Department of Environment as a property (Patch # 421) that could contribute to the Province’s goal of protecting 12% of the land base by 2015.  Habitat for the provincially endangered mainland moose.  Portion of property included within Shelburne Barrens Site of Ecological Significant (IBP site).  The IBP site was described as “a virtually treeless area, characterized by poor soils with a massive iron pan within 15 inches of the surface.  Three main habitats with characteristic plant communities occupy this area; an extensive boulder-strewn area characterized by huckleberry; a gravelly to sandy area dominated by bearberry; and a sandy area of regeneration forest, including some ridges of oak.”  (IBP Report,1974).  The IBP site was further described as an example of a modified ecosystem resulting from severe disturbance.  Unique red maple s

Education Values

Opportunities to understand and appreciate a variety of natural values and process as well as cultural values.

Tourism Values

Important nature-based tourism potential

Outdoor Recreation Values

This park reserve is a traditional canoe route; fishing, swimming, hiking, includes several sand beaches.  Borders on the Tobeatic Wilderness Area.

Annual Visitation

Unknown but well used

Other Site Considerations

OHV use; although bordering on several lakes, much of the southeastern portion of those lakes is privately owned.