12 Percent - Parks and Protected Areas System Plan Consultation

Dominion Beach Provincial Park


Cape Breton


27.96 Hectares


Outdoor Recreation


Designated; Operational

Location NS Atlas

14 Z 1

Managed As

Supporting Park

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Very popular beach park in urban setting

Protection Values

One species of bird found within the park is listed as being critically imperilled, two species as being imperilled, and six species as being vulnerable to extirpation or extinction.  Salt marsh.

Education Values

Coastal processes, wildlife viewing

Tourism Values

Regionally significant; very popular public beach in industrial Cape Breton. Coastal access from this park.  This is a heavily used walking area.  It is a lifeguard beach

Outdoor Recreation Values

Bird watching, walking, supervised swimming, wind surfing, kayaking, picnicking

Annual Visitation

Up to 2,000 per day. The use continues at a reduced # during the winter.

Other Site Considerations

This park is close to an urban area and has the related illegal uses during the day and night.  Salt water has had quality problems over the years.

Susceptible to coastal processes (storm events with high tide surge or wind driven waves) that cause site erosion.

Park redevelopment planning process is underway.

Heritage Association leases land directly adjoining the park