12 Percent - Parks and Protected Areas System Plan Consultation

Cape Split Provincial Park




446.95 Hectares


Natural Environment



Location NS Atlas

37 /v 4

Managed As

Core Park

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Provincially significant coastal landmark overlooking Bay of Fundy with important conservation and recreation values.

Protection Values

Large land base in a relatively natural condition; home to a number of rare flora that require protection.  Includes prehistoric and historic sites.  The Province recently completed two significant land acquisitions (280 ha and 147 ha) to ensure protection of natural values.  This property could contribute to the Province’s goal of protecting 12% of its lands by 2015.  Two species of vascular plant is listed as imperiled and three are listed as vulnerable to extirpation or extinction.

Education Values

Variety of natural history themes

Tourism Values

A provincial icon image with views of the Bay of Fundy and Minas Basin.  Provincially and nationally significant from a tourism perspective and provides outstanding trail opportunities.  Recreation is limited to day use.  Site is well known and well used now with limited supporting infrastructure.

Outdoor Recreation Values

Hiking, picnicking, viewing

Annual Visition

High (exact number unknown)

Other Site Considerations

Although not an operational park, this property is well-used creating parking issues.  Possible coastal hiking connection to Blomidon Provincial Park would greatly enhance recreational values and user experiences. Construction of parking area began in 2012.

Crown land access available from end of road to end of Split.