12 Percent - Parks and Protected Areas System Plan Consultation

Cabots Landing Provincial Park




8.63 Hectares




Designated; Operational

Location NS Atlas

4 V 2

Managed As

Supporting Park

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Picnic and beach park on Cabot Trail overlooking Aspy Bay

Protection Values

Pioneer cemetery in park; Protected Beach; national historic site cairn (monument to John Cabot)

Education Values

Explorations of John Cabot; early trans-Atlantic cable to Newfoundland; new fibre optic cable

Toursim Values

Off Cabot Trail, offering picnicking, beach access, heritage appreciation. Kept open late for fall colours; fair bit of tourist traffic.  Cabot Day celebrations

Outdoor Recreation Values

Provides access to a 3 kilometre beach walk, carry-in boat opportunity, beach access, picnicking, fishing

Other Site Considerations

Cabot monument.

Landing site for fiber optic sea cable.

Susceptible to coastal processes (storm events with high tide surge or wind driven waves) that cause site erosion.