12 Percent - Parks and Protected Areas System Plan Consultation

Black Duck Cove Provincial Park




137.14 Hectares


Outdoor Recreation


Undesignated; Operational (Leased to)

Location NS Atlas

43 Z 5

Managed As

Supporting Park

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Large coastal property featuring a beautiful sandy beach. Potential hiking trail connections with nearby Wilderness Area

Protection Values

Includes natural values; contributes to protection and integrity of adjacent Canso Barrens Wilderness Area

Education Values

Opportunities to interpret adjacent Wilderness Area, cultural heritage, variety of coastal habitats

Tourism Values

Important to local tourism infrastructure and delivery of Wilderness Area; provides opportunities for picnicking, hiking, scenery, coastal and beach access, canoe/kayak access

Outdoor Recreation Values

Walking trail, potential trail opportunity to adjacent Wilderness Area, beach access, picnicking, fishing, birding

Other Site Considerations

Adjacent Crown lands provide additional opportunities and potential exists to establish corridor into Wilderness Area

Susceptible to coastal processes (storm events with high tide surge or wind driven waves) that cause site erosion.