12 Percent - Parks and Protected Areas System Plan Consultation

Ben Eoin Provincial Park


Cape Breton


90.16 Hectares




Designated; Operational

Location NS Atlas

24 V 1

Managed As

Supporting Park

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Small picnic park at the base of East Bay Hills

Protection Values

Much of the park is undeveloped and contributes to regional biodiversity; uncommon plants

Education Values

Some use by school groups - usually DNR-led

Tourism Values

One of few public parks adjacent to Bras d’Or Lake; on Highway 4

Outdoor Recreation Values

Existing hiking trail with potential for a more extensive hiking system connecting to adjoining Crown land; cross-country skiing

Annual Visitation

Unknown, but fairly well used

Other Site Considerations

Spruce bark beetle in park.

Exotic invasive tree species, Norway maple and English oak, require removal.