12 Percent - Parks and Protected Areas System Plan Consultation

Waverley - Salmon River Long Lake Wilderness Area




3228 ha


Wilderness Area



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Large intact forest tract connecting Waverley - Salmon River Long Lake and Clattenburg Brook Wilderness Areas, as well as intact forest parcels on Lake Major

Ecological Values

Creates large protected core by joining two disjunct wilderness areas

One of the last remaining tracts of intact and mature softwood forest on productive land in central Nova Scotia

Several stands of mature and old red spruce, eastern hemlock and tolerant hardwood

Improves representation of Central Quartzite Hills and Plains in protected areas network by capturing productive forest land

Important area for native brook trout; over 20 lakes and ponds and several km of streams

Outdoor Recreation Values

Includes two important access points for wilderness recreation: trailhead area for Crowbar Lake hiking trail and parcel at the foot of Otter Lake near Lake Echo

Offers opportunities for extended wilderness travel close to a major urban centre

Backcountry canoeing, camping, hiking, and cross-country skiing

Hunting and angling

Forestry Values

Mature coniferous forest

Other Resource Values

Medium mineral potential

Low petroleum potential

Low wind potential


Exclusions and Vehicle Access

Camp and OHV access to be reviewed though site specific planning and consultation

Additional Comments

Contributes to the protection of Lake Major water supply

Final boundaries for parcels in Lake Major watershed to be determined in consultation with Halifax Water