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Walton River Wilderness Area




2242 ha


Wilderness Area



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Over fourteen kilometers of corridor along Walton River between Walton and Shields Lake

Ecological Values

Several km of tidal river including salt springs and extensive area of rare undisturbed riparian salt marshes

Habitat for nationally threatened and provincially vulnerable wood turtle

Mixed forest of intolerant hardwoods and spruce and fir

Variety of ages of stands including large areas of recent harvesting

Representation in Walton River Clay Plain Natural Landscape

Outdoor Recreation Values

Bird watching

Fishing and hunting

Forestry Values

Mix of young forest with mature softwood and mixedwood

Several stands scattered through area clearcut between 1980s and 2005

Small portion of area unavailable for forestry due to DNR old forest policy

Other Resource Values

High mineral potential

Part of the area is licensed for mineral exploration

High petroleum potential

The area overlaps with a regional agreement for petroleum exploration

Low wind potential


Legal protection subject to addressing petroleum rights

Exclusions and Vehicle Access

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