12 Percent - Parks and Protected Areas System Plan Consultation

Upper Stewiacke Wilderness Area


Colchester, Pictou


8613 ha


Wilderness Area



Conditions Apply?


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Large forest patch representative of Central Rolling Hills and St. Marys Plain Natural Landscapes

Ecological Values

Encompasses much of the headwaters of Stewiacke River

Disturbed area, but productive and with good potential to recover to a natural condition over time

Twelve kilometers frontage on Big Branch Stewiacke River with remnant old spruce‐hemlock forest along ravines

Sugar maple and white ash along small floodplains and terraces; cliffs along Stewiacke River

Nationally endangered Atlantic salmon spawn in the rivers along with brown trout, brook trout and alewife

Deer wintering area

Productive forest in poorly represented landscapes

Habitat for nationally threatened and provincially vulnerable wood turtle

Habitat for provincially endangered mainland moose

Outdoor Recreation Values

Hunting and fishing


Forestry Values

Mostly young forest regenerating after widespread clearcutting between 1990s and 2010

Includes over 1000 ha of plantation and 100 ha of additional young thinned stands

Small portion of area unavailable for forestry due to DNR old forest policy

Other Resource Values

Low mineral potential

Part of the area is licensed for mineral exploration

Low and medium petroleum potential

Low and medium wind potential


Legal protection for this area will be delayed until 2020. 

683 ha subject to wood supply analysis.

Exclusions and Vehicle Access

Road exclusions and potential OHV trail agreements subject to future planning and consultation.

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