12 Percent - Parks and Protected Areas System Plan Consultation

Tobeatic Wilderness Area


Annapolis, Digby, Queens, Shelburne, Yarmouth


16,803 ha


Wilderness Area



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Over a dozen remote tracts of forest and lakes along the periphery of Tobeatic Wilderness Area

Ecological Values

Larger core area benefits wide ranging wildlife species

Provincially significant refuge for endangered mainland moose

Includes habitat for species-at-risk, including threatened Eastern ribbonsnake and recently discovered population of Blandings turtle on Whitesand Stream

Improves representation in protected areas network for Sable River Basin and Roseway River Glacial Plain natural landscapes

Protects aquatic habitats associated with over 20 lakes and several km of river

Enhances protection for waterways flowing into Kejimkujik National Park by extending wilderness area boundary to the top of West River watershed and Thomas Meadow Brook

Scattered stands of old red spruce, hemlock, and white pine forest

Outdoor Recreation Values

Includes traditional canoeing gateway into the Tobeatic from Lake Joli through Ninth, Eighth, Seventh, and Sixth lakes.

Preserves remote character of historic "Tent Dwellers" canoe route through Tobeatic Lake and Little Tobeatic Lake

Several other canoe routes enhanced, including Sporting Lake Stream, Whitesand Stream, Sisketch Lake, Roseway River, and Jordan River

Forestry Values

Includes some lands with forest access roads and previous harvesting

Other Resource Valeus

Low to high mineral potential

Low petroleum potential

Low wind potential


Portion (365 ha) is of interest for potential securement.

Portion (858 ha) subject to addressing mineral rights.

Exclusions and Vehicle Access

Silvery Lake and Crain Lake roads and main forest access road north of Ninth Lake excluded

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