12 Percent - Parks and Protected Areas System Plan Consultation

Toadfish Lakes Wilderness Area




6588 ha


Wilderness Area



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Large natural area with lakes, drumlin hills and productive forest adjacent to Boggy Lake Wilderness Area


Ecological Values

Forms a large natural area, together with the adjacent Boggy Lake Wilderness Area

Includes numerous lakes, wetlands, and watercourses, including part of Moser River

Stands of old growth red spruce, as well as old shade tolerant hardwood on drumlins

Habitat for provincially endangered Mainland Moose

Improves representation of Eastern Shore Drumlins Natural Landscape


Outdoor Recreation Values

Popular area for hunting, fishing and other outdoor recreation

Significant backcountry canoeing opportunities with route connections through Boggy Lake Wilderness Area

Forestry Values

Most of area under Northern Pulp license

Contains large area of both young and mature softwood, hardwood, and mixedwood

Small portion of area unavailable for forestry due to DNR old forest policy

Other Resource Values

High mineral potential

Low petroleum potential

Low wind potential


Legal protection of portion (194 ha) subject to addressing mineral rights.

A portion (101 ha) is subject to lands being acquired by the Province.

Exclusions and Vehicle Access

Road exclusions provide access to Shoaly Lake, Dog Lake, Quoddy Lake, Chain Lake, Long Lake, and Toadfish Lake.  

Round Lake, Kelly Lake, and lands between them are not slated for protection. 

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