12 Percent - Parks and Protected Areas System Plan Consultation

St. Marys River Conservation Lands


Guysborough, Pictou, Colchester


3096 ha


To be determined, pending further site planning. Likely to be designated as a mix of provincial park and wilderness area and/or nature reserve



Conditions Apply?


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Part of several patches that provide a corridor over 30 km along West River St Marys and St Marys River

Ecological Values

Habitat for nationally threatened and provincially vulnerable Wood Turtle

Stands of old forest in eastern portions

Floodplain forests

Atlantic Salmon spawn in river

Mixedwood forest with some recent forestry activities, particularly in western portions

Outdoor Recreation Values

Canoeing, camping

Fishing and hunting

Forestry Values

A mix of forest ages and species including softwood, mixedwood and hardwood stands

Several plantations and a few treated stands

Other Resource Values

Range in mineral potential from high to low

Part of the area is licensed for mineral exploration

Low petroleum potential

Low wind potential


Final designation type and mix subject to additional planning.  

Portion is subject to lands being acquired by the Province (561 ha)

Exclusions and Vehicle Access

Four roads off Waternish Road excluded as well as road to Lead Mine Pool/private property. 

Additional Comments

Electrical infrastructure requirements to be addressed in consultation with NSPI.