12 Percent - Parks and Protected Areas System Plan Consultation

Ship Harbour Long Lake Wilderness Area




1311 ha


Wilderness Area



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Several forest and waterway parcels along the boundary of Ship Harbour Long Lake Wilderness Area

Ecological Values

Includes several lakes and large shore section along Scraggy Lake and Lake Charlotte

Includes productive tolerant hardwood drumlin at Scraggy Lake and old coniferous forest along Fish River

Provides connectivity between Tangier Grand Lake and Ship Harbour Long Lake Wilderness Areas

Nationally and provincially endangered boreal felt lichen

Some coastal forest

Coastline in protected harbour

Habitat for endangered mainland moose

Outdoor Recreation Values

Captures most of the remaining unprotected stretches of backcountry canoe route on Fish River

Enhances wilderness recreation setting of Ship Harbour Long Lake Wilderness Area

Includes 12 km of shoreline on Scraggy Lake, a popular canoeing lake

Includes a string of lakes and carries are part of traditional canoe route linking Tangier Grand Lake Wilderness Area and Scraggy Lake

Forestry Values

Mix of young and mature softwood and mixedwood

Some partial cutting, recent clearcuts and clearcuts in 1980s

Includes some plantations

Other Resource Values

High mineral potential

Low petroleum potential

Low wind potential


Portion is subject to lands being acquired by the Province (519 ha)

Exclusions and Vehicle Access

Excluded roads include Murchyville Rd at Otter Lake, access to Lake Charlotte, access to Portapique Lake and near Hartman Lake

Rail trail excluded

Additional Comments

Includes former Lake Charlotte North Provincial Park Reserve