12 Percent - Parks and Protected Areas System Plan Consultation

River Inhabitants Nature Reserve




718 ha


Nature Reserve



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Forest and wetlands along River Inhabitants

Ecological Values

Rich wetlands, floodplains, oxbow lakes and 1.4 kms of river frontage

River Inhabitants provides important habitat for Atlantic Salmon and brook trout

Habitat for nationally threatened and provincially vulnerable Wood Turtle

Good potential for disturbed areas to recover to a natural condition over time

Outdoor Recreation Values

Canoeing, fishing, hunting and trapping

Forestry Values

Western portion dominated by young forest regenerating from past cutting

Most of western parcel under forest management since 1980s or earlier, including cutting, planting, and spacing

Over 3 km of access roads

Small portion of area along River Inhabitants currently unavailable for forestry due to DNR old forest policy

Other Resource Values

High mineral potential

High petroleum potential

Medium wind potential


Legal protection of 509 ha delayed until 2020

Portion (213 ha) subject to expiry of gypsum and gas storage rights

 Portion (112 ha) subject to wood supply analysis

Exclusions and Vehicle Access

Power line corridor excluded

Additional Comments

Electrical infrastructure requirements to be addressed in consultation with NSPI.