12 Percent - Parks and Protected Areas System Plan Consultation

Medway Lakes Wilderness Area




19,382 ha


Wilderness Area



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Large tract of forest and interconnected lakes and rivers in the upper Medway and Mersey watersheds

Ecological Values

Excellent representation of Fisher Lake Drumlins Natural Landscape, currently poorly represented in protected areas network

Large core area a benefit to wildlife that are wide-ranging or sensitive to disturbance

Impressive stands of mature and old eastern hemlock, red spruce, white pine, and tolerant hardwood scattered throughout area

Provides connectivity between existing large protected areas

Good trout habitat and important area for survival of Atlantic salmon on the Medway River

Outdoor Recreation Values

Exceptional backcountry canoeing associated with over 35 interconnected lakes and several km of the upper Mersey and Medway rivers

Oustanding camping and sport fishing opportunities

Numerous lakes and rolling hardwood hills provide scenic backcountry setting for wilderness recreation

Forestry Values

Contains managed forest stands and access roads

Other Resource Values

Low mineral potential

Low petroleum potential

Low wind potential


Exclusions and Vehicle Access

Road to Lake Alma excluded

Additional Comments

Designation type (i.e., Provincial Park or Wilderness Area) of parcels along Route 8 to be determined through additional planning