12 Percent - Parks and Protected Areas System Plan Consultation

McGowan Lake Nature Reserve


Annapolis, Queens


1155 ha


Nature Reserve



Conditions Apply?


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Forest and wetland with shoreline on McGowan Lake

Ecological Values

Habitat for nationally and provincially endangered Blanding's turtle

Habitat for nationally and provincailly threatened eastern ribbon snake

Over 6 km of shoreline on Dean and McGowan Lakes

Forest is a mix of mature and immature mixedwood and softwood

Outdoor Recreation Values

Hiking, canoeing, swimming

Hunting, fishing and trapping

Forestry Values

Forested portion a mix of young and mature softwood and mixedwood

Much of forested portion, particularly in central parcels, is young forest regenerating from clearcutting in 1980s

includes some treated young stands and several km of roads of varying standard

Other Resource Values

Medium mineral potential

Low petroleum potential

Low wind potential


Legal protection of portion (736 ha) subject to addressing mineral rights

Exclusions and Vehicle Access

Powerline, rifle range, and some roads excluded.  

Additional Comments

Includes former Kempt Provincial Park Reserve.  

Electrical infrastructure requirements to be addressed in consultation with NSPI.