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Liscomb River Wilderness area




3743 ha


Wilderness Area



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Nearly 35 kms of forested river corridor linking three existing wilderness areas.

Ecological Values

Mature and regenerating softwood forest and wetlands along Liscomb River

Forested corridor linking Liscomb River, Alder Grounds and Big Bog wilderness areas

Provides connectivity along the Liscomb River from Liscomb Harbour to Liscomb Game Sanctuary

Habitat for provincially endangered Mainland Moose

Liscomb River supports a small population of Atlantic Salmon

Outdoor Recreation Values

Hiking trail loop along Liscomb River associated with Liscomb Lodge

Liscomb River and Little Liscomb River are both traditional backcountry canoe routes

Hunting, fishing and trapping

Forest Values

Mix of young and mature softwood, mixedwood, and hardwood

Portions of the area clearcut between late 1980s and 2009

Includes small portions of plantations and spaced softwood stands

Portion of area currently unavailable for forestry due to DNR old forest policy

Other Resource Values

Medium to High mineral potential

Part of the area is licensed for mineral exploration

Low petroleum potential

Low wind potential


Legal protection of portion subject to addressing mineral rights  (102 ha plus potential claim renewals up to 890 ha).

Legal protection of another portion (146 ha) subject to wood supply analysis.

Exclusions and Vehicle Access

Some excluded roads

Additional Comments

Includes 4 campsite leases