12 Percent - Parks and Protected Areas System Plan Consultation

Indian River Wilderness Area




2112 ha


Wilderness Area



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Mature hardwood and mixed forest, lakes and wetlands adjacent to Indian River

Ecological Values

Mix of wetlands, barrens, and hardwood and spruce/fir forest

Contributes to representation of Eastern Shore Quartzite Plain natural landscape in protected areas network

Includes 12 km corridor along Indian River

Potential core habitat for provincially endangered mainland moose

Large open bog - shrub fen complex south of Head Lakes

Outdoor Recreation Values

Hunting and fishing

Backcountry canoeing on Indian River

Forestry Values

Most of area has low forestry potential due to extensive wetlands and poor growing conditions

Some mature hardwood with lesser amounts of scattered fir and spruce

Some recent harvesting on the west side of Indian River

Other Resource Values

Low to high mineral potential

Low petroleum potential

Low wind potential


Boundary expansion to Head Lakes and south along river subject to further review (1,275 ha)

Exclusions and Vehicle Access

Additional Comments

Includes 2 km of powerline corridor

Access to camps not affected