12 Percent - Parks and Protected Areas System Plan Consultation

Fourchu Coast Wilderness Area


CBRM, Richmond


4898 ha


Wilderness Area



Conditions Apply?


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Large coastal land assemblage with outstanding ecological, wildlife, and outdoor recreation values

Ecological Values

Rare opportunity to protect a relatively remote and large tract of land on the coast

Highly significant coastal features including sand and barrier beaches, dunes, islands, tidal flats and low cliffs

Improves representation of Fourchu Till Cliffs and Beaches Natural Landscape in protected areas network

Regionally important staging and nesting areas for shorebirds, waterfowl and seabirds

Coastal spruce/fir rain forest with extensive wetland complexes

Wide variety and number of aquatic habitats including brackish and freshwater lakes, lagoons, barrachois ponds, rivers and streams

Nearly 20 km of coastline

Provincially vulnerable and national species of special concern New Jersey rush

Outdoor Recreation Values

Includes outstanding sea kayak and canoe route through lagoons and along the coast between Framboise River and Fourchu Bay

Sea kayaking and canoeing, bird watching and coastal hiking

Hunting, fishing and trapping

Forest Values

Some mature stands of coastal fir and spruce with a small amount of hardwood

Extensive wetlands and low site productivity limits forestry potential

Other Resource Values

Low mineral potential

Low petroleum potential

Medium wind potential


Legal protection of portion (7 ha) subject to addressing mineral rights.

Exclusions and Vehicle Access

MacDonald Road and land north of road to Upper Marie Joseph Lake excluded. Road to Stewarts Pond and Pig Point Rd excluded.  Access concerns to Capelin Cove to be addressed though additional planning and consultation.

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