12 Percent - Parks and Protected Areas System Plan Consultation

Economy River Wilderness Area


Colchester, Cumberland


5747 ha


Wilderness Area



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Large, mostly intact forest patches adjacent to Economy River Wilderness Area

Ecological Values

Expands the protected forest area of the existing Economy River Wilderness Area

Mature red spruce, sugar maple, and yellow birch forests

Habitat for endangered Mainland Moose

At least 10 species of rare plants

3 km of the lower Economy River corridor. Includes humid ravine cliffs

Representation of Cobequid Mountain and Cobequid Foothills Natural Landscapes

Outdoor Recreation Values

Exceptional outdoor recreation opportunities for hiking, camping, backcountry skiing, showshoeing, hunting and other activities

With this proposed expansion of Economy River Wilderness Area, almost the entire Kenomee Canyon hiking trail system (all provincial lands) will be within the wilderness area, including the Devils Bend trail.

Forestry Values

Primarily mature hardwood and softwood with some regenerating cutovers

Steep slopes limit forestry potential in some areas

Some forest access roads

Other Resource Values

Medium mineral potential. Part of the area is licensed for mineral exploration

Low to medium petroleum potential

Low to medium wind potential

Part of the area overlaps with the Town of Springhill's Leamington Brook drinking water supply watershed


Legal protection of portion (1,148 ha) subject to addressing mineral rights

Exclusions and Vehicle Access

The existing SANS agreement for route 104 within Economy River Wilderness Area to be extended to authorize use in the expanded wilderness area

Potential OHV agreement for routes 3 and 5

Note: route 6 is not eligible for an OHV agreement under the Wilderness Areas Protection Act

Additional Comments

Includes 6 campsite leases and 3 camps on lands recently acquired by the province

The expanded wilderness area will support efforts by the Town of Springhill to protect its drinking water supply