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Pollution Prevention

Take Action - Business

Chemicals play a very important role in business. To name just a few, chemicals are found in solvents, paints and coatings, petroleum products, inks and glues, pesticides, and cleaning products.

In any business where chemicals are in use, there are environmental and human health concerns related to spills and accidents, occupational exposure, air emissions, water discharges and hazardous waste disposal.

It makes good business sense to reduce your use of hazardous and toxic chemicals. The benefits are numerous:

  • Creating a healthier workplace, by reducing the amount of chemicals to which you and your employees are exposed.
  • Reducing risk and financial liability by minimizing the potential for spills and contamination
  • Generating financial savings from reduced use of chemicals and decreased hazardous waste generation. If you don’t have chemicals or discharges, you don’t have to devote time and resources to storing, handling, transporting, treating, or disposing of them.

Nova Scotia: Hazardous Chemical Toolkit provides suggestions for reduction, substitution and disposal of hazardous chemicals.