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Pollution Prevention

Pollution Prevention in Business

Waste and pollution represent an inefficient use of resources and result in a direct financial loss for business and have a negative impact on the environment.

In the past, it was thought that society had to choose between the economy and the environment. Pollution prevention shows that environmental sustainability can go hand in hand with economic opportunity. Pollution prevention measures can reduce raw material costs, waste disposal and clean-up costs.

The following are good starting points for any business:

Some sector specific publications are also available on this site. Learn more about pollution prevention for:


  • The Eco-Efficiency Centre (Dalhousie University) is a non-profit environmental management centre supporting small- and medium-sized enterprises in Nova Scotia.
  • Efficiency NS has energy saving programs for business
  • Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters LEAF (LEAN and Energy Efficiency and Environment Focus) Program focuses on enhancing energy efficiency and reducing environmental impact of manufacturing processes