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Petroleum Storage

Tank Installations

Domestic fuel oil tanks are to be installed in accordance with the Canadian Standards Association’s CSA B-139, latest recognized edition, “Installation Code for Oil Burning Equipment” and the “National Fire Code of Canada”, latest edition.

In Nova Scotia these codes are regulated by the Public Safety Division of Labour and Workforce Development. Any questions on these codes can be directed to Dale Stewart, Chief Inspector, Fuel Safety, 424-8017 or

Do-it yourself installations are discouraged due to potential damage to the environment, and consequential high costs of cleanup associated with any spill. In fact, many manufacturers now require for warranty purposes that oil tank systems are installed by trained installers.

Installation Guide

The department has developed an Installation and Environmental Management Guide for Aboveground Domestic Oil Tanks in Nova ScotiaPDF Download Link (PDF:126k). This Guide promotes proper oil tank system installation and maintenance utilizing existing national standards and industry best management practices.

At the time of publication of this Guide, the recognized edition of the CSA B-139 was the 2004 edition. Please be advised that the 2009 edition of the CSA B139 code came into force in Nova Scotia on January 1, 2010. Any installation after this date will require compliance with the new code. Fore more information on the changes to the code refer to the Fuel Safety Bulletin's issued by Labour and Workforce Development.