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Pollution Prevention


Environmental Tips for Nova Scotians

Making choices that are good for the health of your family, the environment and your community is not as hard as it seems. Although you may feel powerless to make any significant change, be assured that every single effort is meaningful.

  • Pollution Prevention at Home, Work, and BusinessPDF Download Link (PDF:107k)
  • Prevent water pollution. The Environmental Home Assessment Program (EHAP) offers education in your home about the importance of regular well water quality testing, care for your septic system and maintenance of your oil tank.
  • Change your shopping habits.Exploding consumerism is one of the most important environmental issues globally. North Americans purchase products on a daily basis. Some of these purchases are necessary while others are convenience and luxury items. Everything we purchase has a negative impact on land, water, air and natural ecosystems.

Environmentally Responsible Consumer's Guide

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