Government of Nova Scotia Government of Nova Scotia Nova Scotia, Canada


Inspection, Compliance and Enforcement

Staff Directory

Animal Welfare

Name Title Location Phone
Complaints Farm Animal Welfare Nova Scotia 1-877-9ENVIRO (1-877-936-8476)

Food Protection

Name Title Location Phone
Karen Wong-Petrie Director, Environmental Health & Food Safety Halifax 902-266-2175
Melodie Creelman Amanda Database Administrator Truro 902-956-3473
Velona Crosby Program Officer Bible Hill 902-893-5311

Food Inspection: Central (HRM)

Name Title Location Phone
Sara Baird Public Health Officer Bedford 902-240-4223
Audrey Jean (AJ) Connell Public Health Officer Bedford 902-233-3039
Colin Van Vulpen Public Health Officer Bedford 902-483-1315
Dana Trefry Public Health Officer Truro 902-899-6130
Joshua Boudreau Public Health Officer Truro/Enfield 902-956-0935
Kristin MacIntyre Public Health Officer Bedford 902-483-3329
Samantha Robichaud Public Health Officer Truro 902-956-1195
Sonya Locke Public Health Officer Bedford 902-483-9534
Alex Hernandez Public Health Officer Bedford 902-221-3725
Vanessa Nickelo Public Health Officer Bedford 902-478-6062
Cheryl Cameron Program Administration Officer Halifax 902-430-9310
Janice Gammie Program Administration Officer Halifax 902-499-9530
Heidi Darling Public Health Officer Halifax 902-499-9530

Food Inspection: North Eastern

Name Title Location Phone
Hsin-Ying Chou Public Health Officer Sydney 902-565-5575
Kyle Lambert Public Health Officer Port Hawkesbury 902-631-0854
Sean O'Toole Public Health Officer Sydney 902-574-2089
Tracey MacDonald Public Health Officer for Public Markets Antigonish 902-220-3827
Alicia Danttouze Public Health Officer Sydney 902-565-5351

Food Inspection: South Western

Name Title Location Phone
Alan McMullin Public Health Officer Bridgewater 902-527-7757
John Peters Public Health Officer Bridgewater 902-527-8744
Laurie Pike Inspector Specialist Kentville 902-523-5760
Sheldon Stone Public Health Officer Kentville 902-679-6012
Stephen Ferguson Public Health Officer Kentville 902-599-3563

Meat Inspection

Name Title Location Phone
Kriss Hiltz Primary Product Inspector Kentville 902-844-0371
Patrick Rushton Primary Product Inspector Nappan 902-664-6144
Kim Samson Primary Product Inspector Bible Hill 902-896-2428
Brianna Berlemont Meat Inspector Kentville 902-956-0234
Donald Cluney Primary Product Inspector Kentville 902-890-6322
Naomi Cripps Primary Product Inspector Bible Hill 902-893-6007
Vince Gillis Meat Inspector Bible Hill 902-890-5818
Emily Gubbins Primary Product Inspector Kentville 902-890-1866
Lynn Hood Meat Inspector Kentville 902-890-1537
Kim Knight Meat Inspector Kentville 902-956-1165
Connie MacIntosh Primary Product Inspector Antigonish 902-893-7502
Joe Rodgerson Meat Inspector Dartmouth 902-890-4402
Steve Scott Meat Inspector Dartmouth 902-956-1683
Sarah Turner Primary Product Inspector Bible Hill 902-896-1271
Kamal Zaki Primary Product Inspector Dartmouth 902-890-4457