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Environmental Assessment


Sporting Mountain Quarry Expansion Project


This is to advise that on July 6, 2020, Nova Construction Co. Ltd. registered the Sporting Quarry Expansion Project for environmental assessment, in accordance with Part IV of the Environment Act.

The purpose of the proposed undertaking is to extend the existing 4.0 hectare quarry footprint to 10.0 hectares to continue operations at the quarry in order to meet local and regional aggregate demand. The Project is located on PID 75044156, owned by Nova Construction Co. Ltd., on Morrison Road in Richmond County, Nova Scotia. Operations of the expanded quarry footprint are anticipated to commence in 2020, pending regulatory approvals. The planned production rate is up to 30,000 tonnes per year, unchanged from current production. The extractable reserves in the Project footprint are estimated to last at least 30+ years depending on market demand.

Project Update

Upon request, the Minister granted the company a one-year time extension for the provision of the additional information required in the Ministers decision letter dated August 25, 2020. All information outlined in the decision letter is to be provided no later than August 25, 2022.

Minister's Decision

On August 25, 2020 the Minister of Environment released a decision concerning the review of the Sporting Mountain Quarry Expansion Project. The Minister has determined that the Registration information was insufficient to make a decision on the Project and that additional information is required in accordance with Section 13(1)a of the Environmental Assessment Regulations, pursuant to Part IV of the Environment Act. The Proponent must provide information regarding water resources and wildlife and wildlife habitat including species at risk.

Project Documents


Opportunities for Public Input

Public comments on the Registration were accepted until August 5, 2020.

All comments received from the public consultation will be posted on the department's website for public viewing.  In the case of an individual, the address, email and contact information will be removed before being placed on the website.  By submitting your comments, you are consenting to the posting of your comments on the department's website.