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Environmental Assessment


Highway 102 Aerotech Connector Road Project


This is to advise that on September 10, 2019, Nova Scotia Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal registered the Highway 102 Aerotech Connector Road Project for environmental assessment, in accordance with Part IV of the Environment Act.

The proposed Project involves the construction, maintenance and post-construction monitoring of a 5-kilometer (km) Connector Road from Highway 102 Aerotech Interchange (Exit 5A) to Trunk 2 in Wellington near Sunnylea Road. The Connector is designed as a four lane road but will be built with two main travel lanes with an additional climbing lane in some road segments, an active transportation trail offset from the road, access to each parcel of land between Highway 102 and the old Holland Road (total of 3 intersections), roundabout at the ramp terminal at Exit 5A, and roundabout at the intersection with Trunk 2. The Project construction may commence in 2020 and is expected to be completed within 5 years.

Minister's Decision

On October 30, 2019, the Minister of Environment released a decisionPDF Download Link (PDF:173k) concerning this review. The Minister has determined that the Registration information was insufficient to make a decision on the Project and that additional information is required in accordance with Section 13(1)a of the Environmental Assessment Regulations, pursuant to Part IV of the Environment Act. The Proponent must provide information regarding alternative road routes, water resources and acid drainage.

Project Documents


  • Registration DocumentPDF Download Link (PDF:33.8mb)
  • Appendix APDF Download Link (PDF:330k)
  • Appendix BPDF Download Link (PDF:9.4mb)
  • Appendix CPDF Download Link (PDF:1.4mb)
  • Appendix DPDF Download Link (PDF:193k)
  • Appendix EPDF Download Link (PDF:135k)
  • Appendix FPDF Download Link (PDF:7.4mb)
  • Appendix GPDF Download Link (PDF:1.5mb)
  • Appendix HPDF Download Link (PDF:20.7mb)
  • Appendix IPDF Download Link (PDF:818k)
  • Engagement MemoPDF Download Link (PDF:79k)
  • Opportunities for Public Input

    Public comments* were accepted until October 10, 2019.

    * All comments received from the public consultation are posted on the department’s website for public viewing (after the Minister of Environment has made a decision on this environmental assessment). In the case of an individual, the address, email and contact information will be removed before being placed on the website. By submitting your comments, you are consenting to the posting of your comments on the department’s website.