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Routine Access Policy

This policy is designed to provide persons with an opportunity to obtain certain categories of records without having to submit a formal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPOP) application. While records disclosed through this policy are not considered to be actively in the public domain, they may be disclosed in full or with minimal severing of some information in keeping with the provisions of the FOIPOP Act.

Subject to requirements set out in the Nova Scotia Environment Routine Access PolicyPDF Download Link (PDF:320k) and the provisions of the FOIPOP Act, the following types of records may be accessed through the policy (please view the policy and appendices for specific details):

  • routine inspection reports
  • records in the Environmental Registry
  • final reports
  • audits
  • contracts for goods and services
  • test results
  • permits, registrations, approvals, certifications
  • aggregate database information
  • human resource records
  • financial records

For requests for records listed above or in the Routine Access Policy appendices, please email

For information access and privacy inquiries, please email or phone 1-844-424-2985 or 902-424-2985.