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Air Quality Health Index (AQHI)

Why is the AQHI important to Nova Scotians?

Air quality is generally good in Nova Scotia. Our pollutant levels meet national and provincial standards and objectives. We are making the AQHI available in our province as a preventive health measure, especially for those at higher risk from air pollution.

Levels of heart disease, diabetes, and asthma tend to be high in Atlantic Canada. These diseases can increase vulnerability to air pollution. The AQHI can help at risk populations choose the best times for outdoor activities. For more information on these health conditions, follow the links below:

All Nova Scotians can use the AQHI to learn more about air quality and the important connection between air and our health. Accessing the AQHI will also provide information on how to take steps to reduce air pollution.

With provincial legislation such as the Environmental Goals and Sustainable Prosperity Act, and the Climate Change Action Plan the provincial government continues to strive towards excellent air quality standards. More information on air quality in Nova Scotia is also available.