Government of Nova Scotia Government of Nova Scotia Nova Scotia, Canada


Atlantic Flood Management Conference 2015


Poster Session Details

The conference poster session is a great opportunity for participants to share their ideas and accomplishments in the area of flood management!

Please ensure that you have indicated in your registration that you will be providing a poster to be displayed at the Atlantic Flood Management Conference. If you have not done so, please contact Conference organizers directly.

Posters should reflect one of the following themes associated with the Conference:

  • Mapping and flood risk assessment
  • Resilient infrastructure
  • Planning and policy
  • Emergency management
  • Flood liability

Posters may also highlight particular adaptation strategies that were considered (e.g. Avoid, Accommodate, Retreat, and Protect).

Participants will be invited to view the posters and interact with presenters during the breaks and lunch periods.


It is suggested that posters be formatted using the following standard sizes:

  • ANSI E (34" x 44")
  • ANSI-F (28" x 40")