Shipwrecks Database

This database summarizes what the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic has in its files for about 5000 of the estimated 10,000 to 20,000 shipwrecks in Nova Scotia. Researchers seeking more information are encouraged to contact the following sources:

1 - The Northern Shipwreck Database

Compiled by a sport diver and private researcher, this database contains records on over 10,000 Nova Scotia shipwrecks as well as thousands more on other wrecks in the Northern Hemisphere.

2 - Nova Scotia Archives

Nova Scotias provincial archives has various records on Pre-Confederation (before 1867) shipwrecks and microfilmed newspapers dating back to the 1750s. Period newspapers are usually the richest source of details on shipwrecks.

3 - Library and Archives Canada

Canadas federal archives contains records and investigations of Post-Confederation (after 1867) shipwrecks.

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