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David George
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David George

During this period, David George (who later helped bring the Baptist faith to Nova Scotia) was growing up as a slave in Virginia. He described that time as follows:

"I was born in Virginia, about 50 miles from Williamsburg, of parents brought from Africa .... The first work I did was fetching water, and carding; afterwards I was sent into the field to work about the Indian corn and tobacco, till I was about 19 years old. My father's name was John and my mother's Judith. I had four brothers, and four sisters, who, with myself were all born in slavery: our master's name was Chapel - a very bad man to the Negroes.

My oldest sister was called Patty; I have seen her several times so whipped that her back has been all corruption, as though it would rot .... I also have been whipped many a time on my naked skin, and sometimes till the blood has run down over my waistband; but the greatest grief I then had was to see them whip my mother, and to hear her, on her knees, begging for mercy