Nova Scotia
Royal Gazette Part II

Regulations under the Regulations Act

Halifax, Nova Scotia --- Vol. 24, No. 10 --- May 19, 2000

Table of Contents

(listed alphabetically by Act, giving name and number of regulation)

Dairy Commission Act
Schedule 7 - Nova Scotia Bulk Milk Haulage Regulations - Amendment (N.S. Reg. 85/2000)
Environment Act
Environmental Assessment Regulations - Amendment (N.S. Reg. 71/2000)
Ministerial Order:
Bridgewater Laundry & Dry Cleaners Co Limited, Bernard G. Levy
and Sobey Leased Properties Limited

(N.S. Reg. 80/2000)
Family Benefits Act
Family Benefits Schedule "B" Regulations - Amendment (N.S. Reg. 69/2000)
Insurance Act
Insurance Adjusters Licensing Regulations - Amendment, and
Insurance Agents Licensing Regulations - Amendment
(N.S. Reg. 81/2000)
Motor Vehicle Act
Documents and Services Fees Regulations - Amendment (N.S. Reg. 70/2000)
Municipal Government Act
Wards/Polling District Orders:
- Annapolis, County of(N.S. Reg. 75/2000)
- Berwick, Town of(N.S. Reg. 72/2000)
- Halifax Regional Municipality(N.S. Reg. 76/2000)
- Hantsport, Town of(N.S. Reg. 73/2000)
- Inverness, County of(N.S. Reg. 77/2000)
- Pictou, County of(N.S. Reg. 78/2000)
- Richmond, County of(N.S. Reg. 79/2000)
- Trenton, Town of(N.S. Reg. 74/2000)
Petroleum Resources Act
Order Exempting Certain Coal Gas and Lands in Plymouth,
Pictou County, from Act
(N.S. Reg. 82/2000)
- Amendment (N.S. Reg. 83/2000)
- Amendment (N.S. Reg. 84/2000)
Summary Proceedings Act
Summary Offence Ticket Regulations - Amendment (N.S. Reg. 67/2000)
- Amendment (N.S. Reg. 68/2000)
Wildlife Act
Chignecto Game Sanctuary Regulations - Amendment (N.S. Reg. 65/2000)
General Wildlife Regulations - Amendment (N.S. Reg. 64/2000)
Small Game Hunting Regulations - Amendment (N.S. Reg. 66/2000)



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