Nova Scotia
Royal Gazette Part II

Regulations under the Regulations Act

Halifax, Nova Scotia --- Vol. 24, No. 25 --- December 15, 2000

Table of Contents

(listed alphabetically by Act, giving name and number of regulation)

Crop and Livestock Insurance Act
Designation of Vegetables as an Insurable Crop and
Nova Scotia Crop and Livestock Insurance Plan for Vegetables
(N.S. Reg. 192/2000)
Farm Practices Act
Proclamation, S. 17, SNS 2000, c. 3, effective March 1, "../../imagesrr/ (N.S. Reg. 194/2000)
Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Regulations - Amendment (N.S. Reg. 193/2000)
Workers' Compensation Act
Workers' Compensation General Regulations - Amendment (N.S. Reg. 195/2000)



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