Nova Scotia
Royal Gazette Part II

Regulations under the Regulations Act

Halifax, Nova Scotia --- Vol. 24, No. 17 --- August 25, 2000

Table of Contents

(listed alphabetically by Act, giving name and number of regulation)

Agriculture and Marketing Act
Commodity Group Levy - Cattlemen's Association (N.S. Reg. 139/2000)
Dental Act
Advertising Standards Regulations (Regulation No. 4) and
Dental Assistants Regulations (Regulation No. 8) - Amendment
(N.S. Reg. 136/2000)
Education Act
Governor in Council Education Act Regulations - Amendment (N.S. Reg. 138/2000)
Environment Act
Water and Wastewater Facility Regulations - Amendment (N.S. Reg. 140/2000)
Family Benefits Act
Family Benefits Schedule "B" Regulations - Amendment (N.S. Reg. 137/2000)
Gaming Control Act
Nova Scotia Gaming Foundation Regulations - Amendment (N.S. Reg. 141/2000)



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